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Payroll Forms (Digital)

A digital form workflow that allows you to complete the necessary ACH Direct Deposit form and IRS W-9 securely via your computer or mobile device.

IRS Forms W9 (PDF)

We recommend you secure an IRS EIN to use instead of your Social Security number. You can register an EIN for free on the IRS website.

IRS Forms W9 (digital)

USE THIS FORM IF YOU NEED TO CHANGE YOUR W-9 INFORMATION. This form is a mobile responsive secured web form that can be completed online and is legally binding for your W-9. We will be notified when you have completed and submitted the form

ACH Direct Deposit (PDF)

This form must be completed and returned to us before we can disburse funds. This form is a fillable PDF form. (For immediate submission you can use the Online ACH Direct Deposit form.)

ACH Direct Deposit (digital)

USE THIS FORM IF YOU NEED TO CHANGE YOUR DIRECT DEPOSIT INFORMATION. Use this form if you prefer to use our online ACH form that will be emailed directly to us.

Wire Transfer Authorization

Use this form if you need Donor Fund to wire funds to your bank account. Typically used for international accounts and large disbursements.

Expense/Project Disbursement

Use this form if you need to be reimbursed for expenses already incurred or need a disbursement for a ministry project.

In Kind Receipt

Designed for product/services (non-cash) donated to your project for which a tax-deductible receipt is required.

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