Workers And Christian Ministries Around The World Find A Trusted Partner In Donor Fund

Donor Fund has been the perfect organization for us.

For years we’ve raised support as independent missionary/pastors.  When we moved into the inner-city we needed an organization to support us in ways that had not previously been available to us without burdensome overhead.  Donor Fund has been the perfect organization for us.

Deese Family


Stop jumping through hoops to have a top tier giving solution.

As a missions service program, we have worked hard to cut out all the unnecessary hoop-jumping with industry-leading technology, allowing workers and projects organizations to focus on their ministry calling.

Easy Online Donation

Through Donor Fund’s online giving platform, a donation can be made online 24-hours a day.

Int'l Health Insurance

International workers have access to health insurance coverage, including emergency evacuation.

Recurring Giving

Donors can easily set up recurring giving so that ongoing donations don't fall through the cracks.

Fundraising Coach

Access to a fundraising coach to help you plan and execute your strategy to become fully funded.

Online Profile Page

We provide each worker and project an online profile visitors can donate and learn about your ministry work.

Travel Services

We provide access to full-service travel planning and booking with discounted fares on major cariers.

We provide you a home office to cover all the administrative activities that normally come with missions service. But most of all, we cover you in prayer for the journey.

Donor & Fund Tracking

We gladly include a web-based tracking software so you can track every transaction that occurs in your fund.

Personal Home Office

Donor Fund serves as your Home Office with dependable and compentent personnel to process your donations and answer donor questions.

Fund Multiple Projects

You can give and receive donations to a series of projects/purposes, designated as you choose.

Donation Statements

We will send official donation statements to each donor for their records.

Tax Documents

We provide annual 1099-NEC tax forms to assist in tax preparation.

Personal Domains

As an associate, we connect your profile page or Donor Fund site to a domain of your choosing.

Why was Donor Fund even created?

Over the last several years, a new wineskin has been enveloping the mission world. Workers, aided with technology, have been able to take control of their ministry and fundraising processes in ways they have not been able to do historically. We wanted to serve in a way that provides freedom from administrative burdens that are sometimes present with traditional sending agencies or starting a nonprofit.

Donor Fund Distinctives

Confidently Raise Support

Mission workers need a place where they can confidently raise their support with the peace of mind that the administrative burden will be rightly cared for with integrity and competency.

We serve the Big 'C' Church

Donor Fund helps workers from different backgrounds and theological perspectives to fulfill their calling.

Technology that makes sense.

Donor Fund leverages available technology, allowing each worker to stay updated with real-time donation stats and  powerful reporting tools that make it easier to stay in touch with their donors.

The Local Church Matters

We hold a high view of the local church and believe that the local church should both serve as the primary sending entity for missionaries and serve as their base for functional accountability and care. We serve by coming alongside, to honor this biblical model. It is why we require a letter of reference from your local North American church as part of the application process.

Connect with your support structure

We have created a secure, modern online presence with industry-leading technology in order to raise support and stay in touch with their donors.

Donor Fund is specifically designed to partner with those who want to serve Jesus and need to raise their support.

Whether it be campus ministries, churches, cross-cultural & U.S. based missionaries, or short-term mission teams, Donor Fund provides freedom from many of the administrative duties and provides accountability to maximize Biblical stewardship of resources, and effective communication with ministry partners.

Christian Ministry Alliance

Donor Fund is a ministry service of the Christian Ministry Alliance, a 501(c)3 organization devoted to the excellence and capacity building of the local church and para-church.