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We are a family of 7. Donna & I have been married 23 years; we are best friends. Our oldest son is 23 – Caleb, Kole – 19, Isabella – 17, Hayes – 15, and Quinley – 9. The 3 younger children are living with us to Baños, Ecuador. We love Jesus, food from around the world, traveling, adventure, risky-ish things, music, & laughter. In 2014, I quit my career and we took our family around the world. God was building a vision in us that we never would have imagined. Upon returning from our journey, God was clearly calling us to something different; a 2nd calling for the 2nd half of life. After 20 months of prayer, questions, confusion, despair, more prayer, doubt, tested faith, silence, anger, and refinement of identity and purpose…God finally opened a crack in the door to our next journey opening a hostel in Baños, Ecuador. Our ministry is to the next generation – those between the ages of 18-30 – also known as the millennial generation. Our call is specifically to young travelers/backpackers. Travelers are an interesting subset of their generation and we absolutely love them and want them to know Jesus. All of them are on a journey – a physical, emotional, and spiritual journey. All of them are searching. Who are they? Why are they here? What is their purpose in life? As Jesus followers, we have the answer. Our mission: Advancing the kingdom of Christ through hospitality. We will use our hostel as a tool for sharing the Gospel and the love of Christ to backpackers and travelers who have no real hope. Many of them do not know who Jesus really is OR what He really did OR how much He really loves us. They do not know the real Jesus. Hospitality will allow us to share this in the most natural way available to us all: the table. We will use the table in our hostel for community meals AND the table in our home to welcome both strangers from other countries and locals in Baños. The beauty of owning and operating a missionally-minded hostel is that the world is coming to us. Travelers from across the globe are walking through our doors. In Mark, Jesus said, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.” All the world is coming to us. In the gospel of Luke, much of the time Jesus spent was going to, at, or coming from a meal. The table was of special importance in the time and culture of Jesus and it still is today. Anyone who has spent time in Middle Eastern cultures (the culture of Jesus) understands the importance that is placed on sharing meals; it says “you are my friend; you are important to me; I’m sharing my family and my life with you right now”. We hope to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual rest and hope to those in need. Thank you for supporting us! Thank you for your prayers! Thank you for contributing to the building of the Kingdom here on earth!

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We moved to Baños, Ecuador on June 2017. We are in language school, adjusting to culture, building relationships with locals and visiting with travelers.

Region: South America

Affiliation: Non-Denominational

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