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Morera Family

Dolega, Panama

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What we do here in Panama is work with the poor, the lost, those who have no hope, announcing God’s favor and grace for all humanity by sending his son Jesus Christ so that through his sacrifice we can get closer to Him, receive his forgiveness and be saved. We focus on showing people the love of God through the ministries we develop and the programs to help the community. So that they can have hope and the desire to get involved in the different work groups growing in the Bible study, being discipled and later being trained as leaders to be sent to the field.


Ministry Focus

In order to be close to people in the community, we are currently making home visits to invite them to community programs and invite them to participate in church services as soon as we open the doors. We have shared with them every step we have achieved and thus motivate them to make them feel part of the ministry of their community, they have also been able to collaborate in the cleaning and organization of a small building where we are meeting. Our short-term plans include:

  • opening a child feeding center for indigenous children living in poverty.
  • Creation of sports programs for young people and motivational workshops.
  • A database of jobs for families out of work.
  • Children’s reading workshops with Christian approaches.
  • Holiday celebrations such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, among others.
  • Participation in the improvements and beautification in the green areas of the community and other plans that we are thinking about in the future.

All this in order to be able to show the love of Jesus Christ to the lost in order to win souls, disciple them and equip them for field work and the kingdom of heaven. We can honestly say that there is no better job than this and there is no better boss than God …

Region: Central America

Affiliation: Non-Denominational

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