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Jonathan Tenney

Maui, Hawaii

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My name is Jon Tenney.  Always a believer and church attender, I was also a pro-wrestler in a downward spiral when a back injury ended my short career.  But thanks to the tough but fatherly mentoring of my coaches, I found my way back to a personal relationship with Jesus.  Now I love working with people and introducing them to the Christ that forgives the darkest places of our hearts and heals us from the consequences of destructive choices.

 After helping with a church planting Spring City, Pennsylvania, I felt God calling me to more.  I spent 6 months with YWAM in Australia which cemented my desire to serve.  I came home to Pennsylvania for 18  months to work, save and raise funds to permanently enter the mission field.  My desire is to go to Samoa, because my coach was Samoan, and I love indigenous people groups.  But they are still closed because of COVID.  So after wrestling with the Lord, I applied to YWAM Maui and was invited to join the base.

 God placed me in the kitchen of a training center working with teams of student cooks.  Our students perform outreach both locally and globally, working with children, building and economic projects.  The kitchen is where a lot of mentoring happens – and I love it.  I am able to help a number of students sort their insecurities and inexperience before going into foreign fields.  They come back transformed and glowing, knowing they have what it takes.

I also love public speaking.  I love speaking truth – especially hard or controversial truth – because it’s important that field workers know the realities of working in a dangerous world trying to be a living example of Christ to hostile people groups who need Him.  It has made me a respected and trusted leader, as well as a popular guest on podcasts and radio shows that encourage me to “tell it like it is.”  You can hear me at:  https://anchor.fm/jon-tenney7.

Your support for me is genuinely and deeply appreciated.  It also enables me to give to other field workers with my own tithe.  As I come across others who are doing amazing work for Jesus, I love being able to sow into them and bless them.  I know how it feels to be supported and appreciated.  So when you support me, you support and bless a lot of other field workers, too.

 If you’re ever in Maui, stop by!    I love ministering to people through good food and good conversation.

Thank you and God bless you.

Region: North America

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