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Erin King

Kansas City, Missouri

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Who I Am?

Hi, my name is Erin King and I am a 22 year old from Dunedin, Florida. My heart is to love Jesus with everything in me and to see Him become known and loved in every single nation, tribe, and tongue in the earth. I long to see His Gospel go forth and long for Him return to dwell with His Bride forever. His story and His zealous love, both for me and for the unreached people groups of the earth, has forever changed me and He has truly captured my heart.  

My Testimony:

From a young age, the Lord fascinated my heart and drew me into His dreams for the Nations to know Him. Throughout my teenage years, the Lord continued to lead me and at the age of 16, He called me to give my life to Him by serving Him in the Harvest Field. Within the next few years, the Lord had me on an incredible adventure and journey of moving to the 10/40 Window – the region of the earth that is home to the most unreached people groups. By the age of 18, the Lord had completely broken my heart for those who had never heard of Him and I moved overseas to Southeast Asia, where I lived and served for 2 years. During these 2 years, Jesus opened up the Bible to me in amazing and beautiful ways, as I began to learn about His Second Coming and His deep longing to return to this Earth and restore all things. I began to see His story and His heart displayed all over the pages of the Bible, as the One who longs to dwell on earth again with His Bride – one of every tribe, nation, and tongue. It was like the Bible exploded with color for me. My heart became gripped with the Lord’s heart specifically for Israel, the Middle East, and Muslim people groups and I felt Him inviting me to partner with Him in this. Upon returning back to the States from Southeast Asia, the Lord led me to apply to the International House of Prayer University (IHOPU), in Kansas City, and to give myself to growing in prayer, the Word, and intercession for these people groups and nations that He placed on my heart. I am in my first year of Bible college at IHOPU and will be spending the next few years here growing and training as I prepare to head back out to Field again in the future.  

My Heart and Vision:

I truly believe that it wasn’t a coincidence that the Lord marked my heart so deeply for His Return, for the Knowledge of God, and for the Middle East. I deeply desire to serve the Lord in this region of the world and feel Him wanting to prepare me now to love His people and this land, as well as be a messenger of His Return. IHOPU carries a huge heart for discipling people into intimacy with Jesus, for preparing others for His Return, and for intercession and worship. At IHOPU, I have the opportunity to intercede for the Nations in the 24/7 hour prayer room and will be taking Bible classes to grow in my understanding of the Word and Jesus’s story. I believe this is where the Lord has led me to not only prepare me to return to the Field, but to make me even more confident in His love over me and the nations.  

My Plans:

I will be taking at least the next few years to study, grow, and train at IHOPU! I will be living in Kansas City during this time and I really believe that the Lord brought me back to the States for this time to not only rest from the past 2 years and grow in my relationship with Him, but also so that I could give myself to sowing in the place of prayer for the Nations in a way in which I haven’t before. My weeks look like spending time in the IHOPKC prayer room, taking Bible classes, as well as doing outreaches in Kansas City and throughout the States!

Ministry Focus

How to Pray

Pray with Me: 1. Ephesians 1:17 – That I would grow in the Knowledge of Jesus. 2. Ephesians 3:17-19 – That I would be rooted, grounded, and confident in the love of God and that my love for Him would not grow cold. 3. Matthew 9:37-38 – That the Lord would send laborers into the Harvest Field and prepare me to go as well. 4. Matthew 24:14 – That the Gospel would go forth to every tribe, nation, and tongue.

Region: North America

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IHOPU - Kansas City

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