In the results, click Troubleshooter and choose View All. A popup will ask you to install the Windows Media Player DVD decoder. Allow the installation and follow the directions. A DVD decoder is a plug-in that allows the program to read DVDs. If Windows Media Player won’t play a DVD on your computer, that means you probably need the proper plug-in.

Windows DVD Player has had a lot of complaints about not working. Some users report that when they put in a DVD and hit the DVD icon, Windows DVD Player app opens for a second then just shuts down. ▪ Can work with Kodi add-ons to expand more features.

Check Your BIOS/UEFI Settings and Update Chipset Firmware

“If you can make a window better thermally, there’s no reason to have windows separate from walls,” says Kay. One of Microsoft Office’s core products, PowerPoint – abbreviated to PPT based on its file extension “.ppt” – is a software program used to… Windows 3.0 was released in May, 1900 offering better icons, performance and advanced graphics with 16 colors designed for Intel 386 processors.

  • It is worth noting that this issue does not affect all DVD discs.
  • Organizations and users can pick and choose how they will patch and update Windows 10.
  • This will be the amount of time to you will need to wait until the screenshot is captured.

I still think there’s room for improvement here, however. I’d like to be able to customize pinned apps on the Taskbar and in Start separately across virtual desktops. Speaking of big displays, Microsoft has also added new snap layouts that take advantage of bigger screens. There are now new snapping grids for three apps in a row, which makes much better use of that extra screen real estate. All of the fluid animations present here make using Snap Assist on Windows 11 a complete joy to use.

Ways to Remove System Junk on Windows 11

While most versions of Windows are relatively similar, Windows 8 works very differently from other versions. However, if you have Windows 8 on your computer, you should now be able to upgrade to Windows 10, which is more similar to earlier versions, including Windows 7. We recommend upgrading your computer to Windows 10 if you can.

Method 5: Apply WinX DVD Player to Play DVDs on Windows 8

Right-click on it and select Run as administrator. Wait for a couple of seconds to a few minutes as your computer searches for the driver. You’ll find the name of the DVD player attached to your Windows PC. The same issue exists with Windows 11, where the necessary codecs for playing DVDs are missing. After moving to Windows 10, Microsoft dropped the built-in DVD codec accompanying WMP . For this reason, if you’re trying to play your DVD using WMP, it won’t run.

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